Mid-Century Modern Armchair Revival

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 |

I'm sharing with you today what quite possibly may be my "buy of the decade".  
 I found a pair of these gorgeous mid-century modern cane chairs a couple weeks ago, and snatched them up for $16 a piece.  CAN YOU STAND IT?!
Sure, they were saggy and the cushion covers were disgusting and covered in dry rot....minor details. The chairs themselves were in outstanding shape.

And, they are exactly what I wanted for our basement, which is currently at the tail end of a big renovation.  I'll be sharing the AFTERS with you soon.  But here's a peak of the basement BEFORE...
I could've just stuck those mid-century chairs down here in the 80's-ugly basement and called it a day.  Special.

Back to the chairs, here they are with their new ikat-ish and totally 2000's overhaul...
I think they look perfectly happy and at home in their new pad...
Anyone know what kind of wood this is?  I adore the variation in color it has, and the "wormy" appearance.
Our basement is filled with modern elements and a lot of straight lines, so I feel like these retro-vibe cane chairs really add an important element with the wood and help soften the space.

Lastly, here's a shot that shows a bit more of the rest of the basement...
It's coming along really nicely...more on that soon.

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And We'll Never be Royals...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 |

They say purple is the color of royalty.  And Lorde may have said it best..."we'll never be royals."  Good jam, right?  There's another line in that song about "trippin in the bathroom."  And that's pretty much what happened here too, because this was our "royal" powder room when we moved out here to our house in the country...
Complete with broken vinyl roller shade, and luxurious linoleum, anyone who thought this lavender loo was staying "as is" was STRAIGHT trippin
THIS "royal" needed a flush...
So after just two weeks living in our new pad, I started ripping it apart.  As Lorde said "we crave a different kind of buzz"...well, this was mine.  Destruction of the purple-people-eating-privy!
Ahhh, the sweet sights of progress!  In our home, that's getting the child labor force going on installing cement board.
A love of power tools is engrained at a very young age here.
Down goes the marble subway tiles.  We laid them in a herringbone pattern.  Not the easiest of installations, but man, does it look great when it's done!
The design for this bathroom really took off once I found the pedestal sink.  For weeks, I'd been scouring Craigslist for a vintage pedestal, and when I saw this one, I knew I had a winner.  

This baby is a 1930's-1940's cast iron sink.  It was absolutely stunning.  Had a bit of rust, and needed to be re-plumbed, but for $80, I think I got a GREAT deal.   My father came along with me to pick it up...he wasn't so impressed, to put it mildly.
Sure, it had issues, but that's universal, right?  And, afterall, we aren't royals...we can deal with a little rust.
OK, so maybe more than a little rust.  

We had the sink professionally refinished.  Set us back about $200, which, when all was said and done, was about what we would have paid for a new sink.  And in my opinion, this one was just so much cooler.
No more rust!
The walls are done in a burlap grasscloth.  We used the leftovers we had saved from our family room in the last house (if you want to see that room, check out this post).
Shot of the completed tiling job...
The powder room is situated in a hallway that did not offer much in the way of natural light.  And in a ten foot distance, there were FOUR swinging doors, which in a house with three kids was recipe for a lot of noggin bumps and bruises.  And it felt like kind of a dark maze.  To help make the hall feel wider and brighter,
we took out the old door, and added a pocket door and transom window.  These changes made a big difference in the bathroom, as well as the hallway.
Beadboard was added around the perimeter of the room, and of course, because of my ongoing chandelier fettish, the room got one of those as well as a couple pretty sconces.
All in all, we may not be royal here at the Heathered Nest, but we feel like we kind of gave this room the royal treatment on a peasant-ish budget.  And we're thrilled to say that this little pint-sized powder room has been a big hit in the print world!  It was published in USA Today's HOME magazine's Spring 2014 issue,
and has been shot for two other magazine features to be published in 2015!
If you're curious, YES, that is Miss Mustard Seed, in OUR john!  I KNOW!!!!  

So, now our wash-room work-over is complete.  So, come on over Lorde...promise you won't be trippin in this bathroom now.  We're just stylin' and profilin' up in here.

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This Old House Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 |

Recently, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with This Old House.  They shot several rooms in our home for the magazine.  Currently on the newsstands, you can check out two of our kiddos bedrooms!  On page 25, there is a short little write-up on our daughter's room in our previous home, with a picture that I actually took myself!  Here's the shot:
 I wrote about transforming this space in an August post called How we Killed the Smurf.

Then, there was our son's room.  They used his room for their "Get This Look for Less" article, which was written by a wonderful TOH editor, Kathryn O'Shea-Evans.  I didn't think anyone could bargain shop his room better than I had...I really designed his space with a very low budget, but Kathryn was able to really find some awesome deals which she covers in the article.

For the photo shoot, TOH brought in two fantastic women.  Helen Norman, the photographer, has been published a seemingly endless number of times.  Her work can be found in magazines to include Southern Living, Cottage Style, Forbes, Country Home & Martha Stewart.  And she has shot catalogs to include Anthropologie and Pottery Barn Kids, among many others.  Her resume is staggering.

And our stylist for the shoot, Susan Stiles Dowell, is primarily a writer.  She has written two cookbooks, and is an accomplished writer/editor with countless articles to her credit in magazines such as Veranda, Garden and Gun, Coastal Living, Town & Country, Southern Living,  & Traditional Home.

Then there was me (insert awkward pause with a Wayne's World "we're not worthy" moment HERE).

Truth be told, that kinda works because I always felt I bore a strong resemblance to Garth.  Check it out:


Anyways, when Sweet Cheeks room is camera-ready (which is 1 day out of 365) it looks like this:

But TOH felt the carpet wasn't right for their shoot.  I get it.  This room has A LOT of pattern.  To me, it adds interest and a little modern nod, but to others, it just makes it busy and hard to take in.  So, they brought in another rug to kind of tone things down.
What do you think?  Which do you prefer?

I like both, honestly.  I know I got a fair number of negative comments on the blue and white rug when this space was put up on Hometalk and GoodHousekeeping.com.  People basically saying I was loco (which may be true...see self portrait above) for putting a "white" rug in a child's room.  To that, let me simply say, I have had white all over my kids rooms for years.  It has NEVER been an issue for two reasons:

1. I'm a fan of Scotchguard and bleach 
2. I don't allow chocolate in their bedrooms

Potential problems solved peeps.  GO AHEAD.  White could be ok in your kids rooms too!

Here's another angle with the new rug. It definitely gives the room a softer look.  

In come the genius crew for TOH.  Here's Helen prepping a shot of the tent.

A pow-wow with Sweet Cheeks.  Helen had him wrapped around her finger. 

Susan, the stylist and the rest of the "crew" critiquing.

And after prepping the talent...

Helen got the money shot (below is my version, hers was MUCH better).  A shot like this of Sweet Cheeks leads the magazine article, in the Contents section, page 4.

The team shot a couple other rooms in the home which haven't been published yet, so stay tuned.  In the interim, a throne shot of the talented Helen Norman at work.
It was a full, fantastic day of shooting here at The Heathered Nest with Helen and Susan.  And a blast conversing with Kathryn about the content for the article.  They were all so much fun to work with, and I learned so much seeing them each in action.  Now, you can see the fruits of their labor in the October issue of This Old House!  Thanks ever so much to Kathryn O'Shea-Evans, Helen Norman & Susan Stiles Dowell. 

SO go grab a copy!  "It's party-time, excellent!"
Another great shot of me to close....if I were a president, I'd be "Babe-raham Lincoln".  Couldn't resist.

PSA: Mom, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go check our old VHS tapes for the one labelled "Wayne's World".  Will bring you right up to speed.

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And She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 |

"And she's buying a stairway to heaven."  Preach it Reverend Plant.  He must know.  He must be one of us remodel-aholics, because, I've bought a few stairways, and when you see the price tag attached, it's close to a religious experience.  Like OLD testament religious...where people stoned people if they thought their quote for a new staircase was too much.

But I'm a pacifist, by nature.  Turn the other cheek, do unto others, the whole "golden rule" bit.  So, I haven't stoned anyone when I got quotes for stairway work.  Instead, I've taken out the ol checkbook, and I've spent some serious coin over the years on stair projects.

Take our first single family home.  There was a stairway to the basement that looked like this:
 It wasn't to code for X,Y & Z reason, so we decided it was a good idea to spend a gazillion dollars and replace the ENTIRE stairway...
It ended up looking like this...
Well, you can kinda-sorta get the idea.  I never got a whole picture of the stair...don't ask me why.  I guess I was busy with an infant and forgot (imagine that).

We moved on.  Another house, another sad staircase.  This one had ok bones.  It was just covered in old, smurfy carpet.  Another poor pic, but, I wasn't really feeling this sucker was too deserving of a glamour shot, if you know what I mean.

SO, we paid the man again, but THIS time, had them salvage the stringer and risers, and just bought new oak treads and railing.  Less coin, but still lots of $$ to devote to stairs, in my opinion.
Here it is "in process" as I painted risers.
I decided to stain and paint that handrail myself to save some dinero.  Glad we did.  It wasn't that hard. 

I know it comes as a shock, but we moved AGAIN.  And although the staircases keep getting bigger, they don't get any prettier as we "upgrade" our homes.  Here's the main staircase in the next place...
The BAD news is that although our staircases keep growing, our budget keeps shrinking. SO, this one got ONLY cosmetic work...new stain on the treads/handrails, and paint on the risers and spindles.  
The GOOD news is that, in my opinion, we were able to make a pretty big impact on a next-to-nothing budget! 
And FINALLY, I'm down to my LAST stairway (until we move again).  This project is still "in process", but thought I'd at least share where things stand.  Here was the stairwell, BEFORE.
Pretty, huh?  I don't know about you, but I feel like that "smurfy" blue FOLLOWS ME.  

Was there a "Creepy" Smurf?  

Anyways, THIS time, we are spending as close to ZERO dollars on this project as possible.  We're gonna paint this beast, and that's about IT.  I've had it with spending hard-earned dollars on stairs.  We're gonna do something like this:
 Or maybe THIS:
Or, how about something more colorful, like THIS?
Does anyone have an opinion??  If so, let me know, because this project is in full swing, and I'd love to know your thoughts before I pull out the painters tape and git' er done. 
Even though this makeover will have been done on the cheap, I feel like it's going to look pretty and polished when all is said and done.  And I LOVE that the evolution of our stair projects has gone from "paying through the nose" to "turning up our nose" at those big budget stair re-do's and sticking with inexpensive DIY level projects.  

As for a stairway leading to "heaven", that's not so easy.  Right now this one just leads to my kitchen...where kids are screaming for a dinner that I haven't started to make.  BYE!!

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