Twirl & Take a Bow!

Monday, September 29, 2014 |

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Happy Monday everyone!  Hope that you had a great Autumn weekend!  We spent ours poolside trying to pretend it was still summer.

If you missed it, last week on the blog, I wrote about our room for Sweet Cheeks.  It's my favorite spot in our house right now.

So check it out if you get a free moment.  But more importantly, it's time for another Twirl & Take a Bow party!!!  Let's get to it!!

Twirl and Take a Bow...Hanging on to Summer

I know what you are's Fall...let's get on with pumpkins and beautiful colored leaves and mulled cider. But in the Adirondacks it has been 80 degrees and sunny for the last few days, so I am holding tight to summer. We even went swimming in the lake this weekend in between soccer games and emailing Vern Yip. The water was 64 degrees, but it didn't stop the kids...or my husband for that matter. So in the spirit of wanting summer to last just a little bit longer my features all reminded me of my favorite foot loose and fancy free season. Enjoy the inspiration! Let's be friends: FacebookPinterestGoogle+Twitter

A Space for Sweet Cheeks

Thursday, September 25, 2014 |

Earlier this week, this post was run by Kim at Savvy Southern Style as part of her Favorite Room series, where she asks bloggers to share a favorite space in their home.  It was quite an honor to be asked.  Here is my contribution.  Hope you guys enjoy my favorite room...

I'm brand-spanking new to blogging.  Actually, I'm kind of brand spanking new to computers, in general.  If you had smacked me upside the head with an HTML tag or wanted to talk "linky parties" one month ago, I would have looked at you like my children do when I attempt to speak to them using three syllable words.

So when Kim, from her uber-popular, super impressive blog, Savvy Southern Style, emailed to ask ME (Heather ala Heathered Nest) to share my favorite space with her readers, I sat in front of my computer, and looked over my shoulder for someone else she could be talking to.  But after emailing her back (from my AOL account with my dial up modem), she assured me that she did in fact, want me to share.  So here it goes...

Meet Sweet Cheeks.

At least this WAS Sweet Cheeks.  Now he's more like a little pre-school man who we've discovered likes all things outdoorsy.  As it turns out, this is quite ironic because my husband, particularly, is the antithesis of outdoorsy.  If you were to ask Husband to take a family "hike" he'd want the path to be paved, lighted, and be outfitted with some sort of snack bar mid-way to the destination...which preferably is some air-conditioned building showing an IMAX of something "outdoorsy".

But alas, we bred a little fishing, camping, mud-pie making, bug-loving boy.  And he's awesome.  So, we wanted him to have a space that reflected his personality.  And his room is currently my FAVORITE space.

Here's what it looked like before we moved in:
A blank canvas.  

At some point, I will post details of what we did to this room on the blog, but for now, let me just give you the after highlight tour:

This is Sweet Cheeks' outdoor adventure room.  Complete with denim-painted walls, DIY tent, Etsy felt campfire and faux antler chandelier.

Bought the orange desk at a big tag sale here in the DC metro area, and found the vintage desk chair at a favorite local shop.

This wall gallery is probably my favorite part of the room.  The larger pieces are a set of fishing/camping inspired dishtowels that I framed.

A couple of watercolor trout that I painted in college...

And best of all, some photographs of my Great Grandfather from WWI.  I'm so proud to display them in our home.  

Sweet Cheeks' room is not huge.  Which is ok, because neither is Sweet Cheeks.  But, in order to save some "play" room, we opted for a daybed (which is actually a fancy way of saying we took a twin mattress and cheap metal bed frame, and jammed them up against the wall).  

Camping, of course, is never complete without smores!  Ours, luckily, are the non-messy variety.  And I snagged a vintage boy scout mess kit so Sweet Cheeks has all the right equipment to cook us some treats over the fire.  

All in all, we love this space, and we are excited to announce that Sweet Cheeks room is about to hit the newstands!  Look for it in the October issue of This Old House magazine, and let us know what you think! 
After all is said and done, undoubtedly, the absolute BEST thing about this room is that Sweet Cheeks still loves to snuggle and play with Mommy in here.  There's no space around that wouldn't be my favorite as long as that holds true.  

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Twirl & Take a Bow!

Monday, September 22, 2014 |

It's time for another Twirl & Take a Bow party!!  I love seeing all the new & exciting creativity the blogosphere has to offer each week here.  As for what's new at the Heathered Nest, we've been doing a little fall decorating.  More exciting is that we are hosting the Tour Through Blogland today!  Go check it out after the fiesta!

Hey everyone! It's party time...time to Twirl & Take a Bow! I'm Leslie and I blog at House on the Way and I'm so excited to be choosing the features for this week's party. Trying to choose the top picks are always difficult, but this week I decided to go with the season and focus on Fall.
House on the Way
But before we go any further, I have some exciting news...
We have a new co-host at the Twirl & Take a Bow Party. Please join me in welcoming Chaotically Creative to the party!
Chaotically Creative Logo
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Chaotically Creative is a Mother/Daughter blog. We realize that daily life can be full of Chaos. We try to find things that calm the chaos on share them with our readers. Join us daily to find the keys to calm.


We are so happy to have Chaotically Creative join us for the fun and know they are going to make an AMAZING addition to the party!

Speaking of the party....

This Week's Party Features

This Fall Letter Set from Home. Made. Interest. says it all...
Fall Features
These Fabric Tape Pumpkins are so cute! Upcycled Treasures did a great job on these perfect Fall decor pieces.
Fall Features
How adorable is the Preppy Pumpkin Pillow from Lilikoi Joy?! I love the adorable pumpkin graphic.
fall features
Confessions of a Serial DIYer did a fabulous job on this Fall Centerpiece. I love the mix of patterns and textures.
Fall Features

Our Guest Host This Week is Once Again...

The Heathered Nest
The Heathered Nest

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Have you seen what Heather has been up to?!
Take a peek at her latest her transformation on this settee!
fall features

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Tour Through Blogland!

Tour Through Blogland is a very fun way of acquainting people with blogs that they may have otherwise not been aware of.  It was very sweet of Amy from The Little Farm Diary to ask me to take part in it, especially since I'm so green in this whole blogging world.

Amy's blog is fantastic.  I personally love it because it's quirky and different.  She doesn't really adhere to one particular style.  And she is NOT afraid of color!  

Here's the "Little Farm".  See what I mean about color!
And another favorite outdoor spot - 

I personally think one of Amy's strongest gifts is in her ability to design children's rooms...which is my own personal favorite area to design as well.  Here's her daughter's room.  LOVE the pink Doc off-kilter and perfect in this shot!

And her son's room:
I love the panelling and that vintage iron twin bed.  What a great idea to use a vintage (or made to look vintage) filing cabinet as a side table!

As for things here at the Heathered Nest, here's what I'm currently working on:

We're decorating for fall & Halloween!
We're putting the finishing touches on our basement bathroom!  Another barn board ceiling, lots and lots more toile, and a salvaged door that I've dragged through every move for the past decade.

At this very moment though, I'm enjoying "lunch" in my "office"...hee hee.  There are some advantages of being an adult once in a while, namely, I can eat that cake for lunch if I darn well please. 

Part of this blogland tour is that I'm supposed to write about how I'm different, why I do what I do, and how my creative process works.  On these fronts, all I can say is, I don't know.  I don't think I am necessarily all that "different" than others, nor do I feel I'm similar, so much.  I am what I am.  I enjoy blogging because it's an adult-ish, creative outlet.  And for someone who spends most of my time these days cleaning up day old mac-and-cheese that's stuck to my floors, and discussing intellectually stimulating topics such as the plot line of the newest episode of Sofia the First, blogging helps (somwehat) maintain my fragile sanity.  
So now I have the pleasure to introduce you to Heidi and Brent Kruse, and their blog Kruses' Workshop.  
  I was first introduced to Heidi and Brent's work last year when we our work appeared in the same magazine.  Their DIY workshop construction project was featured.  They are a very real, down to Earth family with lots of great, crafty ideas that are all budget friendly, which everyone loves, right?!

Here's a recent post about some DIY pumpkins made from scrap lumber

And how genius and afforadable is this artwork display wall hung with pants hangers?

So make sure to head over to see Heidi and Brent at their blog, Kruses' Workshop on Monday, September 29th, as the Tour Through Blogland rolls on.

Hot & "Settee"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 |

OK, maybe not so "hot", but definitely a "settee".  

More like cold.  Cold and blue.  "Blue" because, well he's blue, and also as in "someone help a fella out, I'm down in the dumps (literally)" blue.

To me, there's no better feeling than helping something injured or downtrodden.  I'm a physical therapist.  And while I have not touched a patient since around the time Sweet Cheeks was born three years ago, that training & mindset stick with you.  Rehab is something that's in your blood.

During my hiatus from human patients, I've turned my attention to a lot of thrift store, Craigslist, road-side & auction patients.  And you know what?  Although I don't get the pleasure of seeing these patients walk again, I still get that feeling of accomplishment and happiness when I've helped these patients stand proud again...on their legs, or casters, what-have-you.

Back to Blue's rehab.  It started with a major stripping, cleaning & painting.  Here's Blue mid-process...we uncovered a lot of prior upholstery jobs.  After he was all stripped, it was time to re-upholster with the new fabric, put on the new cording and the nailhead trim (which was super easy to use).

And here's Blue today.  Now he's hot.  Hot & settee.

All decked out in our foyer for Halloween.

This was one of my first re-upholstery projects, so I used burlap because it's cheap!  I did not want to experiment with more expensive fabrics right out of the starting gates.

Truth be told, I don't think the burlap is so "hot" these days...more like lukewarm, so Blue will likely be getting another facelift at some point, but that is waaaay near the bottom of my personal to-do list at the moment.  

Before I peace out, wanted to share a couple shots of how the Heathered Nest is shaping up for Halloween.  It's my favorite holiday to decorate for!

I made the Reward poster a couple years back...just regular 8x11 paper, toasted a little in the oven and burnt the ends with a match to give it the vintage-y look.  The painting is something I did recently in one of those painting classes where you go and paint and booze with your friends...mine was kinda lame, so I added some pumpkins, gravestones etc to make it look like it was intended for Halloween.  The other canvas is some handprint art I did with the kids.

I know we're early to decorate, but I love having the holidays last as long as possible.

And now that my decorating is done, I'm gonna see if I can sneak in five minutes to sit on my little settee here in the bus arrives in T-minus six minutes and counting...

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